Can indiexpo console run on gameshell?

Hi guys, one question.
Indiexpo is a website like itch or gamejolt but ONLY for free games.
It has also an area, named Console (visibile on the desktop version of the website, where there are only games playable online with arrows + 3 keys.
If you see the source code, it’s possible to play them triggering the controls using always the same JavaScript inputs for all the games.

Is it possible to run it on gameshell?

It this way we will have a lot of new Indiegames to play just in one time…! But I’m not a developer…

It would be difficult since gameshell only has 320 X 240 resolution. Not sure if one can re-scale the resolution of those games down, since all the games are running on browser. But it would be an very interesting project.

a lot of games are responsive, because they are made using an engine called Construct.
This means that they adampt their sizes for any resolution

…no one tried? I think that this can be a very good improvment.