Radxa core for our devices?

Question purely out of curiosity (i am in serious love with my R-01) but is SODIMM standardized connector, at least in our CPI universum?
Lately i’ve stumbled upon Radxa NX5 modules Arace Tech, they have 260 pin (in contrast to our 200), but there are also CMs like Arace Tech
They might have 3rd pinfull connector but on the pictures the proposed carrier boards are ones compatible with RPi CM4 (so dual lines of pins)

There might be some another companies producing sodimm 200 modules and i am wondering about their compatiblity with cour mainboard.

There is no open standard for SoM connectors. The RPi CM3 connector is in the DevTerm and uConsole. There is also the RPi CM4 connector. It is obviously not an edge connector.

Due to the market size, Manufacturers have created partially or mostly compatible CM3 and CM4 SoMs.

The Radxa NX5 is pin compatible with the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Rev B01, TX2, Xavier NX and, mostly, Orin Nano and Orin NX. There are other RK3588-based, NVIDIA-compatible SoMs: Turing Machines RK1 and Mixtile CORE3588E.

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In short, you’ll need to customize an adapter board to use any other core.

No third party core board is perfectly compatible with CPi’s device. They may use the same connector, but have small differences, not compatible with LCD panel or audio routing(maybe more).

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