Removable disk (usb) recognized but not found

My devterm (a06) do recognize the usb-stick but I can’t find it anywhere, and it does not show up when plugged…

What filesystem your USB drive is formatted with?

Are you sure it work with another computer?

Fat32 and it works on another pc (windows 7)

Try to mount manually.
Open Terminal and type “sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt”, then type “ls /mnt”, finally type “sudo umount /mnt”
Can you see anything?

He nishimot, thanks for your reply. I checked it:


cpi@buex:~$ sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
mount: /mnt: Spezialgerät /dev/sda1 ist nicht vorhanden.
cpi@buex:~$ sudo umount /mnt
umount: /mnt: nicht eingehängt.

and it says it is either not existent or as it says after the second command: it is not it is not mounted…

Hi tumalso.

Then check the device file name (of your USB-stick).
Unplug and plug the USB-stick into DevTerm again, and type “dmesg”.

My USB-stick is recognized as “sda1”. What is shown on your DevTerm?

Hallo aus Deutschland
Ich hatte das gleiche Problem und habe eine Lösung gefunden.

Terminal öffnen: sudo apt install gvfs #installiert GVfs Projects/gvfs - GNOME Wiki!
sudo thunar #öffnet Thumar(File Manager)

In Thunar: Edit->Preferences…->Advanced->Volumen_Management (Enaneble Volume Management on)-> Configure

Jetzt kann man einstellen wie mit Wechseldatenträgern umgegangen wird.

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thank you very much, it worked very well. The only thing is. After installing gvfs (the usb folder opens but) thunar tells me gvfs is not installed… is it a matter of integration?

Thunar zeigt auch bei mir an dass gvfs nicht installiert ist aber es funktioniert ja.

Used to have similar problem but it got fixed after formatting it.

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