USB Mouse only recognized at boot

I got my DevTerm running last night, and quickly decided that an external USB mouse would make my life more comfortable. I hot-plugged one in, and it was not recognized.

I rebooted with the mouse plugged in, and the mouse was recognized, but the (built-in) keyboard was no longer functional. Is this intentional? Will I also have to plug in a USB keyboard (which I probably also would have done, anyway)?

Is hot-plugging USB hardware not supported?

Of course it is! That would not be USB else.

I’ve done that multiple time during stream with both the CM3 and the A06, so that must have been an issue on your side with your mouse…

Plugging in both keyboard and mouse before boot, I’m able to use USB KB+Mouse, as well as the built in KB+mouse. I’ll try other devices, but for now, my plan is to plug in before booting.

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