Replacement LCD

Hey, so I’m really new to all of this. Finally got my GameShell Kit and… managed to cut the LCD ribbon a bit while putting it together… So now I’m wondering does anyone know specifically what kind of LCD I can replace it with? I’m trying to find one thru Aliexpress/ebay. A specific LCD item name/number? The clockworkpi store evidently doesn’t sell an LCD replacement which really sucks. Any help would be appreciated

I don’t know, but you might find some information in GitHub - clockworkpi/GameShellDocs: GameShell Documents or in the kernel patches GitHub - clockworkpi/Kernel: CPI Linux Kernel where there is the following mention :

+	lcd {
+		compatible = "kd027-lcd";
+		pinctrl-names = "default";
+config LCD_KD027
+	tristate "STARTEK KD027 LCD Driver"

See for all the code…

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