Reset button case mod

Has anyone found a good way to mod the clockworkpi with a easy accessible reset button? It gets kind of old having to tear it apart to hit that button.

What do you mean? I probably don’t know of that reset button, never heard of it, but the power button which should be on the top, accessible from outside, serves a similar function (you can turn off and on, which would be the same as a reset?).

And if the GameShell hangs and doesn’t shut down “normally”, you can press the power button for 5 seconds (maybe 10, not sure) which will force a shutdown.

See I have had times, I could be not holding the button long enough, where it hard locks on incompatible roms. Where i have had to open the case and hit the reset button on the back side of the main board.

I’m sorry to hear that. Never happened to me and I didn’t even know there was a reset button.

I know nothing about “hardware” mod, I hope someone can help you out!

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