Run Balatro (and other Love2D games) natively on the uConsole

I had been streaming Balatro from my computer via Moonlight when I realized… it can probably run natively on my uConsole. Sure enough, there are posts on how to port the poker roguelite to ARM Linux-powered retro gaming handhelds. It will basically run on anything that can run the Love2D engine.

All you need to do is copy and unzip the file from your installation, add an entry for Linux somewhere along line 50 of globals.lua as follows:

if love.system.getOS() == 'Linux' then
    self.F_DISCORD = false
    self.F_SAVE_TIMER = 5
    self.F_ENGLISH_ONLY = true
    self.F_CRASH_REPORTS = false
    self.F_NO_ACHIEVEMENTS = true

Then rezip the files (there should be a bunch of files in the main directory of the archive, not a single folder), rename the .zip file to, and then run the game using love /path/to/your/file/

Everything works! Here it is running on my system in Wayland. The game plays, I could drag my save files over to .local/share/love/Balatro, and I’m able to unlock unlockables through play.

I mostly use the trackball and mouse buttons, but it should be possible to get the controller keys working with a little fiddling. Here’s the original thread: Reddit - Dive into anything

Edit: You’re also going to want to turn “CRT Bloom” off from the in-game menu, which will significantly improve performance by bypassing a minor visual effect that’s a bit too spicy for the CM4’s GPU.


I have steam version,How can I get

Steam > Manage > Browse Local Files

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