Rust support on GameShell?

I’m an experienced Python programmer but I was interested in trying Rust, was wondering if anyone has experience getting it running and building apps with it?

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Yes! It is actually fairly straight forward.
rustup works without any serious hitches and when I have created a simple demo, SDL2 was completely fine (in both canvas and gl).

You will need to create a menu script to point to your project so you can run it from the launcher.

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Thanks, that is great to hear. Would you happen to have a GitHub to the demo you used?

I’ll upload a simple sprite based one with canvas on SDL in a few hours but you can download the rust-sdl2 crate and try one of the examples that are listed in the repo.

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I realize this thread is a bit old, but @ahtoms have you uploaded that simple sprite example by any chance? :thinking: