Screen backlight does not work (SOLVED)

Hi everyone! I was pleased to receive my GameShell a few days ago, and I got around to assembling it yesterday. The assembly seemed to go fine, but when I started it up the screen stayed dark.
After shutting it down (by holding the power button) and starting it up again a few times and checking the cable connections I realized the screen did actually display things; It’s just that the backlight does not work at all so it’s hard to see what’s on the screen. I am able to operate the menu and settings with the help of a desk light, here’s what I tried so far:

  • Adjusted the Backlight Brightness setting: makes no difference
  • Checked and re-connected the screen cable: nothing changes
  • re-flashed the os on the microSD card: no change
  • Adjusted the Power options setting after update: no change

Can anyone help me with this issue? It seems weird to me that of all things only the backlight would be inoperable, rather than the screen entirely…

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This is not normal. Please email us: with your name and order number, thanks!


An update for the curious:

After sending an e-mail on July 23rd, I was surprised today to find a replacement screen module in the mail!

Sadly though, the small box containing it seems to have been crushed while making it’s way to me. The screen backlight of this replacement screen does work when hooked up to the GameShell, making it likely that my original screen was just an abnormality, but the replacement screen has been broken and the only thing visible is a big black stain over 2/3rds of the screen.

I’ve already contacted, so no worries there. I’ll wait patiently for a reply!

While waiting for your next replacement, have you considered trying to cannibalize the two you have to construct a functional, albeit temporary solution?

I guess I could try that, true. I wonder If that’s possible!

But I’m going to wait for a while before messing with it in case the Clockwork Pi people want some more pictures.

Final update: I received my second replacement screen yesterday, it arrived unharmed and it works like a charm! I’m now the proud owner of a fully functional GameShell :smiley:

Incidentally, I did manage to get my original screen working as an interim solution after tinkering a bit with it: After prying apart the screen and looking at the soldered connection between the backlight and the screen itself, I noticed the soldering line was interrupted. After a few careful touches with my soldering iron until the connection looked solid, I reconnected the screen and the backlight worked!

Anyways, many thanks to the clockworkPi team for their quick and generous customer service.

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