Screen Issues (Was: Display Damaged from Factory - Bad Luck or Common Flaw?)

I’ve been spending more time with my DevTerm, and as I was using an application with a plain white background I spotted some damage to the screen:

(Not the best photo, I’m afraid - it was taken on my phone!)

It’s visible as what appears to be one or two dead pixels, with a “bruise” to the right. It’s small, and only really that visible on a light-coloured background - but it’s there.

It also appears to be a factory defect: I’ve been very careful handling it, and nothing’s touched the screen - and the anti-glare layer on top is entirely undamaged, showing no sign of anything having hit it after assembly.

Is this a common problem, or am I just unlucky?

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i’ve read people in the discord with a similar issue with their screens.

the team should offer a link to a replacement part, thought i’ve found what i believe to be the source display online

1280x480 6.8 inch IPS MIPI display is my usual search term, but if anyone wants a link hmu on discord.


Would you please email to I think we can do something about it.

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I’ve spotted another issue with the screen, and like before this one’s subtle - but once you notice it, it’s impossible not to notice it: the top few rows of pixels are missing.

Yes, missing.

Easiest way to see it: right-click on the clock, choose Properties, and switch to “LCD”. Note that the entire top segment of the simulated 7-segment LED displays are… not there. At least, they’re not there on my screen.

By positioning the cursor at the exact top of my visible screen and taking a screenshot, I’ve been able to measure the missing pixels: I’m missing the top four rows, as far as I can see.

In other words, this:

looks, to me, like this:

It’s only at the top of the screen: if I flip the display from right-rotation to left-rotation, so it’s upside down, I can see the whole clock without any difficulty.

And I know what you’re thinking: “Oh, the screen’s just misaligned - the top of the display is slightly under the case.” Sadly, no: I’ve taken the top lid off, and the display is exactly the same: missing the top four rows.

@AlexDuan: Have you seen this reported by anyone else?

same here. I notice it when display video fullscreen.

It’s not just me then - good to know, but also disappointing!

I wonder if it’s a software/firmware thing rather than hardware - just something shifting things up, rather than a failure of the displays themselves. I hope so, because it’d be easier to fix if that were the case!

I seem to have a similar issue, although it’s only 2 or three pixels…it’s not the entire top segment of the LCD clock missing for me. And also, when I take a screenshot I do see the entire screen, just on the actual screen it is a little cut off.

I’ve got an A06 and I’m also missing 4 pixels at the top of the display. Didn’t notice it until I tried the LCD font suggested. But it also seems there is a black bar of pixels at the bottom the screen.

Note that I still have the screen protector (with green tab) on my screen as I left it there to protect while I assembled, and plan to get a screen protector so figured I’d leave it until that arrived.

As said in another topic, the missing pixels lines are most likely a screen configuration issue in the screen driver.

There is an opaque set of command/registre write done in the MIPI-DSI driver for the screen, but without proper documentation of the screen good luck.

So does this mean all DevTerm screens produced up to this point suffer from this pixel missing/alignment issue? Or is it only some batches of screens which have it?

If it is what I think, it is pure software and all DevTerm with the same software will have the same issue.

I can’t fix it because I don’t have the doc, but unless something really silly (and sadly that can happen) this should be fixable without any change to be done in hardware.

I also notice the missing top pixels.
What I don’t understand is:

It was suggested in some post that this is issue with driver, & missing documentation for it.

The driver was written by Clockwork team?
Or they took a driver written by someone else?
Display producer? Some other developer?

If Clockwork team wrote it, they must have had some information on what to write.
Or did they just copy the magic numbers?

I find it strange that the documentation for this would be missing.
Shouldn’t the producers of screens actually want people to know how to use their product?

Is the Clockwork team aware about this defect?

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yeah i wish there were more info about this from the team

I definitely also have this issue. At first I thought it was a refresh rate or other issue, but… if I boot to tty instead of X11, the top line of text is missing a few pixels. In X11, if I switch to i3 wm, when I launch dmenu, I can see the top pixel or 2 at the bottom of the screen. It’s bizarre.

I assume no fix has been found for this yet?