Screen shuts down / Standby time?

Aye Folks,

I experienced some behavior I’d like to change/fix.

The screen shuts down if the menu/GS is left alone for some minutes - that’s quite nice in terms of saving power.

However, I’m working on a Processing3 Development/GameShell tutorial (I think its a nice environment to start programming visuals) and when executing some built applications eventually the screen turns black. Even after exiting those apps via SSH (where launched via SSH too) the screen won’t wake up again. Neither does the GS seem to return to the main menu (…or does it without bringing the screen back up?).

The system doesn’t freeze - SSH is still responsive. My questions:

  • How to disable screen standby? - checkin’ if that’s the issue.
  • When passing the screen environment var to my application, do I have to invoke the menu/launcher after quitting the application so that it ‘conquers’ the screen again?
  • How come the screen shuts down regardless of pushing buttons while an application is running?
  • Can this phenomenon be related to overheating?

Banana for problem scale: :banana:

Things to know:

  • My test application does not crash or freeze and runs pretty smooth (Yass! Performance, Baby!)
  • When the screen shuts down and no application is running, I can bring it up by pressing a button.
  • Pressing buttons occasionally while in menu/launcher prevents screen standby (of course it does)
  • Processing is based on Java, but Java doesn’t need to be present
  • I pass the display via DISPLAY=:0
  • CPU load is quite fine

Won’t stop looking for answers on my own, but maybe someone got a nifty advice in exchange for a virtual cookie. :cookie:

We definitely need a Mario Kart blue Game Shell skin.

Check settings->power options and change as desired

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Nice, missed the (Y) Details Button.

I’ll check if the problem is related to standby turning into a deep coma.