Sega cd how to get it to work with picodrive?

I haven’t tried to get any CD games running under Picodrive. I was just trying to help with info online. There’s probably more to find and try if that doesn’t work.

Sounds like the way that works best is if everything is bin, dumped from the CD. I’m not sure MP3/OGG/WAV works at all. Perhaps it did at one point and was removed?


Not to be rude, but this was not helpful, I easily googled it before, it’s just I wanted help specifically for the gameshell, since it’s a different OS

Ok, I got it. Convert mp3 to wav (use any online converter). After replacing files make a new .cue file (I used SegaCueMaker program, just google it). And it works, tested by me.

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Sounds great thank you