Shipment has started!



I might been on the West Coast, but my shippment just got through customs this morning.

You should been receiving your GameShell verrrry shortly. (knock on wood)


Awesome! Thank you! I just checked mine and it updated as well! I should hopefully get it tomorrow, if not today!


NL delivery tomorrow! YES Fingers crossed for you too!






I had to chase the mailman, but I got it! (NL)


GOT IT!! The Netherlands!


Still waiting on mine in the UK. No update since 19/7 sad face


I can buy any device yet?
kickstarter closed, indiegogo closed?


It’ll be available through their website soon. If you go onto the site a pop-up will display shortly after advising that you can register your interest in one. I assume they’ll send you an email update to advise when it’s available for purchase. It would also likely help with working out how many they need to make and to sort timescales.


I received my GS also today (germany) :smiley:

But i had to pay 81,22 Euro additional to DHL … rly? Anyone too?


Did you receive a bill for that? Could you post it here to let us see how that amount of money sums up.

Sounds way too much.


Well that is higher than the price of the device so yeah.

And I’m really surprised that something which is suppose to come by normal post was delivered by DHL


the Netherlands…nothing paid here


Hi again,

Sorry guys… I am @ work and not @ home. My Mum received the package for me and well… I get punked.
. No extra fees…(Ok mum… payback’s a b****h)



LoL…he got punked by his mom…:joy::joy:


Di, 24.07.18 05:57 Deutschland
Die Sendung wird dem für den Empfänger zuständigen Zollamt übergeben. Der Empfänger kann die Sendung, nach Erhalt des Benachrichtigungsschreibens der Deutschen Post über den Eingang einer zollpflichtigen Sendung, beim Zoll abholen.

So I’ll have to get my package at the customs office. :frowning:


Im from Spain and I’ve get GS yesterday without any fees or taxes through Correos España (no private agency like DHL)


My shipment seems to remain at the same status for days on end before being moved on. I still haven’t got mine and it was shipped a month ago.


Are you in the UK???