Shipment has started!



I agree it is unlikely that parcel to canada where part of the blocked palette. But who knows?

Only @yong/CPI can answer that as they know who is on the palette.


@kuma Please contact me with your name, backer number, and email address info to , I will help you locate your package.


Good news on the other thread for UK orders. PostNL are going to destroy the batteries and send the co sales on. Could take up to a week to destroy the batteries and then up to a week to continue sending the parcels to us. This would include other orders in the same pallet for other countries I believe but cant confirm.


the tracking code has finally updated for me and apparently my game shell was returned to PostNL, @yong i already emailed you about this so im hoping you can help with getting my unit or a new one if possible to me


We are contacting PostNL to locate your returned package.


@yong is there any news on where my parcel is or if its going to be resent to me cause i haven’t heard anything for awhile


I finally got my Gameshell today!

So on the one hand, it’s feckin’ annoying that I did not get an email from Clockwork warning about missing batteries, as I spent half an hour wondering what part was missing/why there was a gap in the packaging, and I did not know anything about this battery controversy at all until just now, when I thought of trying these forums.

On the other hand, except for the fact that I did not get any battery nor warning, it looks like I got the rest of my Gameshell order today, yay! (I am not 100% as I won’t start messing around with it until I have a battery! But the pieces seem to all be there, and except for the missing battery it’s not really possible to tell that NL customs got their creepy claws all over the package.)

(I’m in the UK.)

The only real annoying thing (aside from not being warned about missing battery so I could order one in advance), is that presumably part of the price of the Gameshell was with battery included? If Clockwork had done their homework, they could have either charged us UK people less (as I’ve now paid +£10 for batteries that will arrive in several days), or they could have done a better job packing the battery/doing their homework.

But aside from the battery nuisance, the rest of the Gameshell looks awesome, it’s very beautiful in person, I love how modular it is, it’s a nice size and I can’t wait to get the battery from a local UK source so I can actually assemble and test and use it, nice!

And of course once it’s assembled, I will show it to my friends, I’m sure they’ll want to order their own :smiley: (also forgot I got a shirt with my order, sweet…)


They are sending a replacement battery for all who are part of the palette that went to inspection


hi guys, i’m so desperated to buy a gameshell console i was investigated where i can buy it and when you guys will start the shippiment of console but i did not receive news anywhere, so can anybody here answer me this question: is there gameshell available to purchase? and where i can buy it?


Should be available retail early to Mid-December. Signup for the announcement on In some cases, you can find people selling theirs here on forums.


ok, thanks for answer my question