Shipment has started!



Are you with the tracking “LX358050410NL” ? (this one is also stuck at that level)


Hi Manoel,

I’ve been given this tracking number: LX358050573NL



But only if you have to pay these Zoll Taxes.

Oder auf Deutsch:

Ich musste keine Zollgebühr zahlen und es würde direkt zu mir geschickt. Wenn Zollgebühren drauf kommen; wird es immer erst beim Zoll abgegeben. So ist der Standart. Hab ich schon einige mal mitgemacht.

Da das Paket jedoch aus Europa (Niederlande) kam, ist es Zollfrei, da EU


I just got my gameshell at the customs Office. I had to pay Import taxes (“Einfuhrumsatzsteuer”) of ~16 euros. I showed them my Credit card Bill as a proof of payment.

I also asked the customs officer why the package got sent there. He said, that it was because the ~19.05 USD on the package are no Bill but just an Information about the contents of the package. It does not count as Bill and therefor it has to be sent to an customs office.


Mine has arrived (US), and is all assembled. Great job guys!
Busy working on a game in App Game Kit now :slight_smile:
I’m sure a million people have already commented on the typo in the instructions, so I’ll not go into detail on it.


Any luck with your shipment? if not, any updates from Royal Mail? Thanks.


Alas no, nothing has changed since my other post. If you look at the “UK Fellowship of the Limbo Parcel” thread it seems like PostNL have majorly dropped the ball, so I’m not expecting it any time soon sadly :frowning:


I have also had issues with shipping for it in Canada. Says it has been in Canada for over a week now but such change after arrival


I’m in Canada too and it says the same thing since the 20th however it was delivered last week. I think the tracking number changes on Canada Post


That’s weird. Maybe you are closer to where they arrive in Canada. Mine says it was in Canada on the 24th. Not a big deal if it updates as long as it gets delivered soon


Canada here as well, mines apparently arrived " in the country of destination" on July 20th and stuck in limbo cause it hasn’t been delivered


I think mine arrived today. I’m unable to pick it up from the post office until next week but its the only thing I would have ordered where they would leave a delivery notice at the front door. So I would expect you should receiver yours right away even if the tracking doesnt update.


nope still nothing now august 7th i honestly think its been lost to the ether for how ridiculously long its taking

12 business days
6 weekend days

and this is after it apparently arrived in canada


Take a look at @yong’s last post on this thread; The UK Fellowship of the Limbo Parcel.

Apparently Netherlands Customs randomly picked the pallet containing the GameShells heading to the UK for inspection, and for whatever reason it’s been held up there for 3 weeks!


that wouldn’t effect me as i’m not in the UK, i’m in Canada and my parcel according to the tracking information already left the Netherlands and arrived In Canada perfectly fine but there has been no update since the 20th


It its in Canada thats a step. You should contact your local post office.


ok starting, but when ending


i did and they have nothing in their system


@kuma it looks like the whole pallet was stopped at NL customs due to shipping batteries (according to yongs latest post in the topic).
I would guess that this delay affected the whole shipping pallet, not just the UK ones which were on the pallet with others for different destinations.


That won’t affect Kumas. They need to contact their local office as it’s already arrived in Canada he’s said so it’s not included in the pallet held up at customs.