Shipping days and possible delays

Amazon shows my system arriving Friday the 25th of April. The parcel is going to San Angelo, Texas, USA. Is this estimate correct and has shipping been impacted by the Covid 19 epidemic?

I don´t have an answer but in my experience I would say, probably. Currently Amazon UK not sending almost anything.


Im getting this message on anything I tried to buy lately.

If thats the case and they delay my shipping again, I may have to cancel my order.

It was supposed to arrived friday, and now it is showing Monday.

Have you contacted Amazon? I remember they have some kind of policies with the delivery time.

Couple of years ago my mother bought a SD card and it didn`t arrive in the time Amazon was showing. She contacted and Amazon sent another one, that one arrived and then way later the first one too.

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I’ve tried amazon, everytime I try to change the shipping speed it tries to delay it.