Shipping Tracking Numbers [Edited!]


I got mine too! half an hour ago.

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I got the tracking number in Germany.

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I just got mine too! To USA.

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I havnt received one yet UK backer


UK backer here, I got my tracking number yesterday.

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Those who have not received the tracking number, try your spam folder, and please feel free to seek for help at


I know how the spam folder works… there is no email.


Same here. Haven’t got my tracking number yet. (Checked the spam folder)


just send them an e-mail…


Thanks @yong - I have received mine. Have all the tracking numbers been sent as some are still reporting they have not received theirs. You mentioned you had a data issues correlating emails to tracking numbers. Did this get sorted before you sent the emails out?

I guess what I’m trying to say is - did every backer get their tracking number?


The emails for the tracking numbers are sent by Clockwork to us, so if they haven’t sent you an email it means they likely don’t have your email, which is why they are having you email in this case.


Just got an updated status to “pre-advised” whatever that may be :wink: There seems to be movement, anxiously awaiting aarival :wink:


As you said, at least it’s something!


For a more real-time update i recommend to check your tracking number on the PostNL tracking page. You can enter your tracking number on the right.

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Same info, at least in my case :slight_smile:


Jup, with a spiffier interface :rofl:


So I got my tracking number from (thanks)
The thing is, that there is none any tracking info, even the state that item info is received.
I’m kinda worried, it’s second week since the shipping was done. At least some info should be present.


True, the info will be the same at the end. But updates will most likely show up instant on the PostNL web page. 17Track takes a couple of hours to refresh their info.


I havnt received one yet INDONESIA backer


You’ll want to email

Shipment has started!