Spelunky Classic Arm Build

So I think that Spelunky classic would be killer on the GameShell. I’ve played it on my Android phone with an apk from this site https://yancharkin.itch.io/spelunky-classic-hd
And it made me think that it would probably be possible for someone with game maker to port it to the gameshell. Just curious if this idea is too much of a stretch or if possible, if anyone out there has the software and is willing to try it.

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looks like spelunky is made by GameMaker which from yoyogames

and GameMaker only supports ubuntu 64bit now,no arm version

so I guess it’s like impossible now

But the game is free software and exists as an apk for Android (arm processors) couldn’t someone build it without the touch screen controls and the GameShell bindings?

Oh this would be very nice!! :slight_smile:

You would have to remake the game so it is compatible with the keypad and with the Gameshells software

So just rebuilding the apk with a new config is an over simplification? I’m not familiar with game maker or app building so I’m just making assumptions with the hopes that it could be done fairly easily.

Yes as the gs is Linux and Android is not so yeahhhhhhh, I am not a developer either but I know what I am doing when it comes to hardware so I have done Alot with operating systems for my devices and it is a pain to move my apps from one version on my device to another because of the layout of the actual raspian os file (I use raspberry pi’s mostly).Sorry I am bad with words so of you don’t understand this it’s my fault

Sadly, not that easy.

I am familiar with it and I know there is no way to build applications for a ARM based CPU (Like the raspberry pi, or in this case, the game shell).

[EDIT] Apparently Gamemaker CAN export to RPi now, and thus, maybe the GameShell. I actually have the source code for the original Spelunky, so I may give that a shot.

[EDIT 2] Just launched GameMaker:Studio, and downloaded the .gmz files for Spelunky. Theres no export function in my SDK GameMaker:Studio, nor did they ever actually release that ability to the public. Sadly, this doesnt look possible. Someone wrote up about exporting to HTML5 then packaging into a ARM Build for Electron, but that may be a lot of work.

Thanks for trying all that! Yeah I don’t know how well an electron app would run on the pi.

For those who want something easy - you can play a demake version of spelunky on PICO-8 called
Delunky - Endless Descent