SSH in Raspberrypi

How to enable SSH in Raspberrypi ? Thank you

Its not a RaspberryPi but here is how you can SSH into it.
Look in your GameShell for the icon with the little cloud and take note of the IP address.
Install PuTTy and use the previously noted IP over SSH.
Password: cpi

[USB-ETH] Connect GameShell to Linux PC!


ssh ethernet network linux usb

Raspberry pi has a lot more support, and age over the cpi. Hopefully, one day the support will be on par here.

Meantime, try going to for future RPi queries. Here’s some SSH info I’ve dug up for you.

For security reasons, SSH is disabled by default on RPi units. This is a huge pain, especially for headless RPi zeros. On CPi units, it is enabled by default.
The IP address, port, username and password can be found in the “connect” app on the home screen of the CPi. (Gameshell, with the CPi board; as opposed to the RPi)

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