Sub forums for more organization



Oh dear i wouldn’t expect to get that much feedback so fastly x)
Thanks yong for this upgrade
And thanks all for your comments :smiley:


@yong @hal I think we need a “Emulator” category so all question related to them would go there, I thing that #gameshell and #games are not the best for them

Edit: I think that we also need to do, epecially for support questrion: One topic, one question, and not “hijacking” other topic with similar but identical question. And once the original question is solved, add a “solved” tag and close the topic.

I think we will need some (more) moderator here until thing get a bit more heated as it is right now with all backer receiving their gameshell…


I agree totally.
We’ve created the “Emulator” and “Customer Service” category. We will try to close support questions when it’s “solved”.
I’ve granted moderator permission to @Godzil and @aewens. We need more moderators, you guys can suggest, we also welcome volunteering moderators.


Congrats @Godzil @aewens for being mods :slight_smile:
You deserve it :wink:


Two other request one from me and the other from lots of users,

quoting @fr500:

there is a settings that reads
“desktop category page style”
change it to categories and latest topics

The front page will benefit to be in that mode now that there are more than a dozen of topics, and it would probably help people to find the proper category to post their topics.

Also, I’ve seen that the discourse-solved plugin is enabled, I think it would be nice to configure it to be useable on at least the #customer-services category so people could pick what they think is the best answer for their question.
If you don’t want to use that category for that, then we should need a proper “Q&A” category where this plugin is enabled. (I don’t think we need it to be enabled on the whole forum.

By the way, as a lot of people are playing with themes, maybe a theme category would be useful, and I think we also probably need a “Development” category

(@yong / @hal)


I’ve made the requested changes, please let me know if I have done it correctly.
The discourse-solved plugin is enabled in “Q&A” category now.


Do you think we should make the category page ( as the default forum homepage?


Yes! thats feels more natural.


I agree, it was fine at the beginning, but with more and more content it start to get hard to untangles the topics