Switch off wlan modul A06

hey… in the process of exploring portable mini-PCs I realized a common difficulty with wlan-moduls.

There are lots of software paths to deactivate the wlan/ Blue-tooth, when not in use. But the modul, even when deactivated (wlan and blutooth (both on there own)) is continuing emitting signals. So basically you can’t turn off the wlan /blue-tooth. The wlan module is active in the background, when lan is directly/ via adapter used, and it also has a lively exchange of data, which is noticeable via analysing software…

what kind of wlan/bluetooth hardware is in the devterm A06? Can I really turn off the wlan/bluetooth modul?( ideal for something like a devterm would be a hard switch or even the possibility to remove the modul by hand, when needed.)

( One representative example is the raspi4 with this exact problem… Meanwhile Raspberry Pi Foundation stated a comment, that the hardware infrastructure is intended for an end consumer who uses the Wlan and Bluetooth modules and there is no need to create a technical possibility to disconnect the module. I did some research and did not find any solution for this issue… some spoke of the possibility of removing the metal housing and eliminating the module via heat gun, but that is very violent and is not entirely clear whether it is completely problem-solving. another case is, adding a 50 ohm chip resistor to replace the antenna … but this does not sound like a good idea. )

I mean considering this kind of problem is part of the game… the battery is draining, another issue is the leak trough wlan and the radiation aspect as malfunction signal…

I never thought of such concerns but these are the schematics: DevTerm/clockwork_Mainboard_V3.14_Schematic.pdf at main · clockworkpi/DevTerm · GitHub

Technically you could cut the path of the VCC pin of the module and scrape both ends to expose the copper, then you could turn it on and off with a solder blob or adding a small enough SMD switch like these

No power = no module