TETRIS for WonderSwan

Today I present to you Tetris for the WonderSwan Color, a unique handheld device that featured two sets of directional pads to hold it either horizontally or vertically.


The version for the WonderSwan is simply called Tetris. It’s properly licensed and follows the official Tetris Guidelines. Some gamers claim that it is the best and purest version of Tetris of all time. It has the classic Tetris gameplay without any of the gimmicks that were introduced in later versions. It’s unique feature must be the vertical orientation with fits the 10 by 20 block layout of Tetris perfectly. Plus it has a killer soundtrack, including the Tetris theme (Korobeiniki) in the menu.

On the Gameshell it’s unplayable out of the box but with my config below the buttons are nicely mapped. The ergonomics aren’t perfect when holding the Gameshell sideways, but for a slower-paced game like Tetris the controls work fine:


Use the mednafen_wswan_libretro.so core from

Create the folder “/home/cpi/.config/retroarch/config/Mednafen WonderSwan/”. There create the config file “Tetris (Japan).cfg” with these contents:

; workaround for aspect ratio issue in Game Boy Advance, Wonderswan, Atari Lynx: 1.5 to 1
aspect_ratio_index = "7"

; prevent blurry pixels
video_filter = "~/video/Normal2x.filt"

; input config for Tetris and possibly other vertical Wonderswan Games
input_player1_left = "i"
input_player1_right = "k"
input_player1_up = "u"
input_player1_down = "j"
input_player1_y = "nul"
input_player1_x = "nul"
input_player1_b = "nul"
input_player1_a = "nul"
input_player1_l2 = "down"
input_player1_r2 = "up"
input_player1_l = "left"
input_player1_r = "right"

What do you think? Is it the best Tetris experience you can have on the Gameshell?


I’ve just been playing “Tetris Advance” a GBA game on my gameshell for my tetris fix when I’m away from home and can’t play Tetris 99 hehe… From the looks of the photo you posted I think i’ll stick with that.

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Yeah. I play the gameboy Tetris. Brings me back haha

While you’re at it (and are a true hardcore Tetris nerd) go watch this DF retro presentation of 30 years of Tetris. Of the literally hundreds of versions John Linneman will crown one winner.

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