The 4th Clockwork Game Jam Event (2019Q4)

I suppose using a USB otg cable could help with that.

Re: the keyboard getting bricked, I’m reminded of the period when they accidentally shipped out keyboards with no firmware flashed to it, rendering it unusable. I don’t remember if there was ever a solution to that besides shipping out replacement boards.

There was, I wrote somewhere how to flash them but required having another arduino based board, and wires an probably a usb serial converter.

So for those who didn’t have atleast another arduino, it was impossible.

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The voting period is over, however I am not entirety sure of the results. As of writing this post, there is not an “Overall” category on the game jam’s results page. There are only results for each individual category.

There were 33 ratings this time around with an average of 4.7 ratings per submission. More importantly there was a median of 4 votes. That seems like a decent turnaround, but I am still wondering if there will be any external judges weighing in on the final results.

If voting is all done then these are the final results:

(Feel free to check my data entry and math.)

The ratings for Robosses, Robo, and Scratch were all adjusted because their number of ratings were less than the median. I understand why itch includes such a system, but I am not sure if it is really necessary when the total amount of votes is already so low. In case you are wondering how the ratings are adjusted here is the formula:

Note that this formula is only applicable to entries that have a total amount of ratings less than the median. If an entry’s total amount of ratings is greater than or equal to the median then its raw rating is its final rating.

I only bring this up because initially I used the raw ratings to compile the chart and the final results were different.

Ideally everyone should be rated by the same amount of people to avoid this scenario. Considering that there are prizes at stake, we really have to nail the voting portion of the game jam to avoid any controversy.

Besides the idea of having a set amount of external judges that play and rate every game, I am not really sure how to tackle this.

All in all, I think we made great progress in terms of the quality of this game jam by incorporating the new Warehouse feature. Although, it looks like we still have to streamline the final voting process and dealing with the end results.

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Thanks everyone for participating in our Q4 Game Jam!

We had 7 entries and 33 ratings, some of the games look interesting and some are creative. After careful consideration and heated internal discussion, we are going to leave the first place award vacant this time again. We think we should set the bar high and keep the standard at the same level as our previous jams.

So the final result will be:

Top 1 award winner: vacant

Top 2 award (1600 CPI points) winner: Cat at home

Top 3 award (1000 CPI points) winner: Robots vs The World

All award recipients, please provide us an Ethereum-supported digital wallet address. If you wish to exchange CPI points for GameShells, please PM me your shipping address, and number of points to use.

We are sorry that this result may be a disappointment for some participants, and our organization of the Game Jam events is far from satisfactory. We have been struggling with getting more participants and more independent judges all the time, as a small team with limited resources (BTW, we are actively looking for angel and VC investors, please help us spread the words). It is our hope that these game jams will help attracting more indie game developers to our open platform and help growing our GameShell user community. We tried and will keep trying to modify the rules and implement features like warehouse, we need your support to keep hosting this event.

As a side note, you probably knew that our manufacturing and shipping operation have been seriously disrupted by the recent Coronavirus outbreak in China. We hope to get your understanding if your service or shipment were delayed. I wish 2020 could be restarted.


Clockwork team.

“We Have Hope. Rebellions Are Built On Hope!”

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Hi Yong, thanks for letting us know the ranking. May I kindly have your email to send you my shipping address? Many thanks from QKBoy.

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Sorry to hear about the outbreak. Hopefully you all are well.

About the next jam, though… Can we just appoint some judges in the Gameshell and fantasy console community and have them do ratings? I’ll recuse myself from competing and organize instead if that’s what is needed. Because the way voting has been handled for every single jam here is plain ridiculous (ridiculous in new ways each time though, so at least there is that.)

I don’t care if I can’t compete in the next one. I’d just like for at least someone to reach that top 1 spot. And to break new ground here by – hopefully you’re sitting down before you read this – laying out fair and consistent rules for judging, and then… bear with me here… actually following through on them.

Would everyone be up for that?


Hey, I’m groverburger - I made the game that won third place, Robots vs The World. I just joined this forum so my profile here is at level zero and I am therefore unable to send you a PM with my shipping details.
Is there an email or some other platform where I can send them to you instead?

EDIT: as of posting this reply I’m now at a high enough trust level to send you a PM. Expect one soon.

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Sorry,I can’t find direct messaging system on yong’s personal homepage or my personal homepage.

I live in Beijing.Why not the company just send gameshell to me without using Ethereum digital wallet.It can save the Ethereum fees and shorten the process.

Try again, you should be able to send messages now.

When you create a brand new account it has trust level 0 by default. By writing some post and giving likes it gets to level 1.

I added you to lvl1.

If someone is unable to send private messages, contact me or @Godzil and we will sort it out.

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Replied your PM. Sorry for the inconvenience, the idea is to keep all transactions in the blockchain records.
Please check previous tips about exchanging CPI points:

I have add this address,but I still find no CPI in the list

Thank Team_AM_Squared,I have recieved the CPI points and I will redeem them.

I have recieved the CPI points,but there is not pay CPI way on sell website.Team_AM_Squared tell me that I shoud send back CPI points and communicat with yong about sending the prizes. Unfortunatelly,there is some problem on my EtherWallet. I can’t find CPI type in Send Transaction.

Does anybody know how to fix it ?

For future reference if anyone else is using MyEtherWallet and their custom tokens are not showing up, @QKboy managed to solve this problem by downloading the beta of the MEWwallet app.

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In the past, you just PM’ed @yong what you wanted to redeem, your name, and shipping address, etc
Once confirmed, you send the CPI points back to the address you received them from.

They will have to confirm if this is still the process or not, but as far as I know, you can’t redeem anything via the store.

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From the thread @yong mentioned above, here is a screen cap of the transaction I made to send the points back to redeem a prize.

I think everyone in that thread eventually resolved their CPI points, and redeemed them, so theoretically there should be enough information in that thread to send your points.

If it’s of any consolation, I did it all on my phone via the myetherwallet site.

Thank you everyone,I have sent the CPI points successfully on my phone APP.Now I’m just waiting for yong’s reply.

Thanks and sorry again for the inconvenience. I have seen your transaction. Pls. let me know the color choice and shipping address, phone number for shipping contact in PM.


Thanks,I have received machines


some of us are at home, what about a corona jam for a month ?