The D.E.O.T. Edition GameShell Is Coming As Well AS 2019Q3 Game Jam

Hi GameShellers.
We’ve been working on a special edition called “D.E.O.T.” recently.
It is under cooperation with which is one of the best tech and young culture communities in Asia.
D.E.O.T. means “Dimension Engineering Operation Terminal”. It has customized front and back shell. It also has a thematic UI. These changes make the D.E.O.T. quite unique.

It was released in China on 16th August.
D.E.O.T. will be in stock on very soon.

Meanwhile, 2019Q3 Game Jam is also coming.
This time the Jam will be co-hosted with
The theme will be released at 0:00, 24th August, UTC. We’ll post a topic here and through SNS accounts.
Winners of 2019Q3 Game Jam is going to be rewarded with CPI PTS as always.
Over 100 developers in Asia have confirmed their participation. How about you guys?


Sounds great, I wish I could join you.

Btw. what are the differences between the GameShell and the D.E.O.T. (except for the shell) ?

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Thematic UI.

I’m guessing it’s referring to a theme/skin. From the look of some screenshots, it’s a complete UI overhaul.

There was some discussion on this in this thread, where I posted some more info, including screenshots of the hardware, and Thematic UI:

Thanks man. Very helpful info.

@Veronica - do you have any information re: where we can obtain an image including the “Thematic UI”, or even assets pertaining to the skin.
As mentioned above, it looks like a complete UI overhaul, and not merely a simple skin substitution.
With this much of a change, I’m wondering what the future of the current launcher is, and whether or not to continue development on something that may be superseded.

Hi J,
Unfortunately, the license we’ve received for that UI is only for the D.E.O.T. edition of GameShell. We are not allowed to release it separately.
It is one of the kind. the Clockwork OS with current UI will reamain to be the main stream.

Ah I see. Good to know!

Once it’s in stock in the clockwork Pi store, would that mean that it will only come with the stock OS, or potentially ship with the Thematic UI?

Then begs the question; will there be any EULA/NDA for users who may have this Thematic UI to keep it to themselves/not distribute it, or share links to any possible uploads that may be found?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is very interested in this, but wouldn’t want to violate any T&Cs. Personally, I would very much like to only order the custom outer DEOT shells, seeing as internally it appears to be identical.
If this isn’t a foreseeable option, that would be great to know now, before I waste all my 3D resin printing a custom case ;).

(Also, fun observation! The front shell is labelled DEOT, but the back is D.E.T.! How quaint!)

Here’s some more info on the DEOT, along with some footage of the UI in action.

About D.E.O.T. and D.E.T. :
D.E.O.T. means Dimension Engineering Operation Terminal
D.E.T. means Dimension Engineering Technology
D.E.O.T. in clockworkpi store will be with the thematic UI.
And here is another news that I just received from my colleague: we’ve got the license to release the D.E.O.T. launcher. You can do what ever you want to it as you do to the original clockwork OS.
Bottom line is that GameShell is an open source device, isn’t it?

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Thank you so much! I was wondering re: being open source, and restricted licensing conflicting with this! This clears that up! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for the official release!

Meantime; more eye candy to ogle over. :wink:


I’m working on it right now.

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Oh snap! I’m guessing you’re baking a nice image for us? Consider a huge bucket of internet cool points headed your way!

Any hot takes on the physical hardware, or anything new, ie any revisions on the internal struts; in particular the space behind the speaker. Also, any special decals or fancy shmancy box designs?

I can only imagine this is meant to be like something a 90’s hacker would keep in their trench coat, next to their dark glasses and hair gel.

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As far as I know the hardware is exactly the same except for a custom launter skin.

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enjoy :slight_smile:


Oh the back is still transparent graphite?
Unless the opaque mint case was the flat back, and the lego/light key case was transparent? Assuming it came with both back panels and/or the light key.
Also, the Lego legs - did this come with the Gameshell, or is this your own design?

And that’s my questions over! Haha!
waiting patiently for a freshly baked image of the DEOT edition of clockwork OS.

@Veronica Would ya happen to have any updates or release dates for us? I live in the U.S. and would love to get my hands on a Gameshell. However, I may just wait for the D.E.O.T. version to come out. It looks really cool!

Producing is in progress. It will be in stock in a few days.


Sounds great! I’ll be waitin’ patiently then. :slight_smile:

Fantastic! Will be any way to secure one? I’m sure this will probably be sold out extremely fast.

Is there any chance the outer front and rear shells will be sold separately? Does the rear come in the green, as per the promo shots? And I guess, the “Thematic UI” should be up for grabs some time soon, assuming the DEOT Version comes with it. Any chance that will be uploaded to the community?

For now, I’m putting my hand up to be the next in line to “pre order” it. Can’t wait to hear more. :slight_smile:

DEOT OS will be released as soon as the DEOT version is in stock.