The Retro Future review

GameShell thoroughly praised by the “The Retro Future” YouTube channel:

Impressive new packaging! hopefully it addresses any battery shipping issues.

As these reviews start to come out, it would be great if CPI had a sales strategy in place (pricing, distribution partners etc.)

Also it seems the reviewer had trouble loading emulator ROMs on the device, as many users without smb experience may have. It may be worth either including the URL for this forum on the device, or having links to the tutorials directly from the product page.

I’m not sure if it is a “new packaging” I think it is the “press” packaging.

But well we will see

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Yeah it’s press packaging, I’m sure.

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Pity it is just “press” packaging, it looks great.

That is a very nice packaging. Maybe it’s the packaging for the post-kickstarter release?

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