Ubuntu Mate on uConsole

Please reply if anyone can install Ubuntu mate.

@Snoozer94 has a guide available on getting a new kernel into a image. That’s the easiest way to do it. I’m not sure on Ubuntus image build process

So the guide was literally a stripped down version of what clockworkpi had (minus all the not needed devterm stuff) which is basically how you would convert a devterm os into a uconsole os. Here it is if you wonna look at it yourself and theres a link to the devterm guide in that github if your interested.

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Yh ive been trying to work on a ubuntu image for a while but me being a semi novice at this and ubuntu (and every os based on it) is a tricky boi to configure. Once someone figure out how to configure an ubuntu image for uconsole then the floodgates will open for all the other os based off of it. I might try and ask othermod (pspi creator) on how he configured his ubuntu image (for cm4 pspi) and see if i can transfer any knowledge towards a uconsole version

If kali works why not mate, thanks everyone I will try to larn this tutorials and try my best however the funny part is I am still waiting for my uconsole. :face_in_clouds:

I am using ubuntu mate for my everyday work. It’s easy and user friendly OS.

So both ubuntu and kali is based off of debian. So even though they both use things like “apt”, they have different ways of going about it (well thats how i percieve it). So transfering the way you go about it on kali to ubuntu wont really work. But when it comes to ubuntu mate, dragon os, linux mint… they are all based on how ubuntu works.

Think of it as debian is the grand daddy and pi os/ubuntu/kali are the offspring but ubuntu was the one to have way too many kids

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But, I believe Raspbian and mate both are similar architecture.

True but arent part of the same “sub” branch, probably best to look at a debian os tree to see what i mean, even though they are all based off debian, they are from a different branch so they may not fully operate the same way. But you are right they are similar but you just need to make the tweaks needed to make it work for ubuntu based os


git clone GitHub - TheMaroonHatHacker/gnomeforpi: A script to install gnome on the Raspberry Pi && cd gnomeforpi && sudo bash gnomeforpi-install