Can uConsole with CM4 install Kali Linux?

Do we have any tutorial about this?

Like I said on the discord, the kali arm dev looked at the uConsole build scripts, but hasn’t created an image. He didn’t buy a uConsole to test with either. The kali build scripts are public though.

For CM4 version, would it be possible to use a Kali raspberry pi image as a base and try to use devterm/uconsole scripts and packages like they did for Raspberry Pi OS?

Wiki doesn’t describe the process in detail and there’s more about mounting à loop device than what to add to the kernel and how to build the package.

I can only find this patch for CM4 version:

So I need to use the kali build scripts and apply the patch?

If you look to the whole process for raspiOS, uconsole OS image is based open devterm OS image with some changes. And devterm OS image is based on raspiOS image with some changes (described in respective wiki on github). Among the changes, there are some clockworkpi deb packages.

However, no real from scratch process described that you could apply on any other OS. I don’t know if this kernel patch is enough to get a working kali OS, or at least keyboard and screen.