uConsole can it be used as a phone

Hi guys im thinking of buying a uConsole but can it be used as a replacement for a mobile phone.
in standby how long does the battery last?
i read some posts says it has no power saving ive worked with some devices before.
you need to sleep the linux board and put the modem in sleep then when modem rings it wakes the linux board.
like wake on lan or wake on dts or something to make it wake when a call comes into modem

Another post about this? Again? Did you read the forum rules?

I’ll break down your concerns and answer based on my experience using a community-built OS:

  • Battery life depends on the batteries you use. Assuming the best batteries available, you can get 6-7 hours.
  • Power saving depends on the software installed. With GNOME, the power saving function simply lowers the clock speeds, nothing more.
  • As far as I know, sleep is no such thing for the uConsole. In GNOME, sleep is virtually absent. You may turn the brightness to the lowest to turn off backlight, but not the display.
  • I use the GNOME/Phosh phone-related apps to receive calls and texts. They do work. Since I use a data-only SIM, my intent is to use the uConsole as a hotspot. And Internet over cellular data does work well.
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You could use the uConsole with the LTE module as a phone but I wouldn’t recommend it as a smartphone replacement. It doesn’t have an internal microphone. It doesn’t do standby and the battery life is around 7-8 hours depending on your workload. It’s about as large as a hardcover book.

It’s great for what it is. It’s a good coffee shop computer or a neat desk toy. It’s about as good as you’d want a Raspberry Pi with a screen, batteries and a clicky keyboard to be. It’s not a smartphone.

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