Uconsole can someone make an adapter to fit the Sipeed LM4A – T-Head TH1520 RISC-V to the uconsole?

What are the chances of someone making an adapter for this powerful board (apparently beats the RaspberryPi 4 in peformance. Perhaps even better an adapter from clockworkpi team itself? so expected price should be around $99 for the 8GB. Has a 260pin SO-DIMM layout (DDR5 maybe? not sure)

Anyway, this is probably the most powerful board on RISC-V side, today. Ideas, anyone into CAD stuff?

A better RISC-V core has been really high on my list of desires (along with an x86 core) for ages now ever since I got my R-01 for my DevTerm. The lack of grunt in the R-01 is rather frustrating, I’ve had a lot of fun and enjoyment out of my VisionFive 2 SBC that really shows the difference in power between them, now I just want that power on the DevTerm or uConsole.

Yes, I can relate to that, well you have on the RISC-V something to buy now, the MILK V, from my last post.

On the x86 side, not too sure if there will be a clone on RPi Module clone on x86, or a SO-DIMM on the architecture (I could be wrong here), also the battery would just be drained fairly quick, unless you’re ok having the USB plugged all the time during usage.

Either way, yes we need more power to play around either RISC-V, ARM or X86

Definitely an interesting idea and its definitely an insanely fast processor according to specs and by the looks of its a DDR4 SO-DIMM form factor.
In regards to putting it into a Uconsole or devterm given the height of the CM4 module in comparison i think there is enough room for there to be a sort of sodimm stack the biggest problem is DDR4 and 2 have slightly different external dimensions 4 being wider so having a board that flips the orientation of the LM4A module by 180deg and raises the module a bit an 8H or possibly 5.2H DDR4 connector on the far end of a DDR2 adaptor board should lift it above the clips of the DDR2 socket and have the LM4A sitting just above where the DDR2 form factor module would fit, i think it should work but the spacing seems a bit tight, a couple of FFC connectors snugged on the back for the extra 54 I/O pins of the DDR4 header wouldn’t go amiss either.
Until further specs on the detailed pinout is available these are just musings, hopefully the full specs are released soon I’m quite interested in this as well.

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LM4A (this TH1520 module) wiki page:

LM4A is used on LicheePi 4A SBC, so you can also check it’s wiki:

And Base board Schematic download link is here, you can using it to get LM4A’s pinout:

(btw, looks like it is using jetson nano’s pinout, need some research and confirm…)

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Ah thanks the sipeed LM4A’s wiki page had no details of its pinout but the dev boards wiki does i thought they hadn’t released docs since the github on the modules page was empty, haha i should look a bit harder next time thanks.