Uconsole emulation/gaming general

I have a CM4 uConsole, and I’m using the xfce version of raspian. For some reason, when I sudo apt install a package, say a gameboy emulator, its likely to install it but I can’t launch or find the program. Sudo apt installing it again just states that the latest version is already installed. Anyone else know why this is?

This is a general Linux knowledge question. If you install something via apt, you will need to see if the application installs itself as an app (in the applications menu) or if you’ll need to call it from the command line (which can be made into a panel/taskbar icon easily). What is the name of the application you installed (i.e. apt install [???])

visualboyadvance. i’ve tried “sudo visualboyadvance” from the terminal, does nothing, and it does not appear on the applications menu. I’ve tried the regular raspian flavor as well. Doesn’t install. I’m not a Linux noob, I dumped Windows for Linux Mint on my desktop/laptop almost two years ago.

just did a fresh install. ran apt update/upgrade. then installing visualboyadvance. still doesn’t show up in “games” and doesn’t launch thru the CLI. what program should i use to screenshot for this thread?

In this case, the program is named VisualBoyAdvance. Linux is case sensitive, so you’ll need to use the same capitalization as the program’s authors. You can tab autocomplete it by typing V and then hitting tab, as I don’t believe that any other programs that start with a capital V are installed on clockworkos by default.

See attached images. Apt-cache search shows the package, i install the package, it installs, try to run it from terminal no bueno, does not show up in “games” or anywhere else. You can see its installed and the latest version. I see that it installed the “arm64.deb”.

can you try launching it from the terminal as VisualBoyAdvance?

Interesting, apt-cache shows the name as all lowercase. Weird. How would i go from here into a program i can add to “games” and launch that way?
none of the options seem to do anything.
it says “missing image name”. wonder what that means.

The image is likely the gba.bios or else the rom that it is expecting, I’m not particularly acquainted with this software. Youll want to add a menu entry to your xfce menu, and in the part of the menu entry where it says ‘commnand’ you will want to put VisualBoyAdvance as the command. That will let you launch that from your menu, but it looks like you may need more command line options to get to a gui.

I’m going to save you some headache. VIsualboyAdvance-m is what the people who own it tell you to install.
It’s also available via the Snap Store and package managers like Synaptic or Flatpak, so you don’t have to hang out in the terminal to use it properly.

I also don’t recommend using it. mGBA is a for more efficient emulator. Which you can download via, again, the Snap Store, Flatpak, or any other package manager. If you find two entries in a package manager, use the highest rated/downloaded one.

turns out its just a LXDE/XFCE problem. Once I switched to Cinnamon everything worked as it should. I detailed how to install and use a different DE in my other thread if anyone else is interested. Note that i started off with the regular clockwork image for the raspberry pi cm4, not the xfce image.

i have the 64bit XFCE on devterm… many enulators are not out yet for aarch64… you will see “no release candidate” or in synaptic package manager… like mupen64plus… you will see everything except the “core” which is the actual emulator…

I have Mednafen… which should cover almost everything you need… just install… and make your roms open with it… and it just… works…
I just added redream for dreamcast… and it works way better out the box then i thought it would…

*Mupen64plus arm64 ubuntu zip… if you unzip it and put the roms in the same folder… it will run… gotta set "screenupdatesettings to 2… or else it flickers really bad… then just gotta get the controller mapped by hand… which is all i have left on that front… works great with keyboard or external controller… also it sometimes doesn’t close all the way…

I will also add… if you make a launcher… and check the box to launch in terminal… i would think it should handle some of those issues.

first, you should do “sudo apt update"