Uconsole frozen - how to get it back?

Hi There everyone!
my uconsole just froze. I tried to go to a website using chromium, the device was too far away from my wifi and so gives me an error “no internet”. I use the trackball to click on the wifi icon at top right, select my home wifi becasue it is listed there, and I am now frozen. No response from keyboard, trackball, power button.

Is there a recovery magic key combination or reset button?


OK, self rescue.
In frustration I held the power button down for a long time… that is, more than 10 seconds. The screen wend dark and it appared to shut down.
I waited… not long enough, about 15 seconds before trying to power on again - which it did in its usual ~30 seconds to get to the desktop and be ready.

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You want the magic SysRq key. Fn+Alt+Print+K should kill all active processes. Might be hard to activate with the uConsole keyboard, but I think you can remap it.