Uconsole images metathread

hej all!

i wanted to make a top-level thread for all uconsole images that have been made so far.

having seen updates on kali images being published soon, may i suggest to post all images w/ drivers in this thread. thanks!


i’ll periodically come back to this post and edit it.

kali image: Kali image for Uconsole is here! - #4 by guu

known issues: none so far

standard uconsole images: GitHub - clockworkpi/uConsole: This code repository offers downloads for the latest images of various uConsole models, along with kernel patches, firmware for the keyboard and 4G expansion module, hardware schematics, assembly instructions, and essential technical documents.

known issues: battery drain, wifi issues

fixes: will update tomorrow

…Not to rain on your parade. But did you know we already have a post about this? This isn’t Reddit.

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thanks for linking to more useful post!
(i’m not on reddit, so i wouldn’t know)