uConsole Music Production

I couldn’t find a dedicated thread about using the console for music production, so I was hoping we could use this as a home base.
I’m not super savvy with Linux - sharing tips and tricks would be very much appreciated!


Will probably integrate a teensy with mine and get dirtywavem8 headless running.

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That’s an excellent use for the uConsole. I was running a headless setup before getting the hardware M8.


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what is this hardware??? cool!!! looks like a black berry keyboard on a pi with a printed case… nice

Milkytracker. A good one for uConsole display resolution.

I also tried Renoise, it works well but the UI looks a bit tight and it tends to consume more cpu-power than other lightweight tracker apps.

When you mount modland library as a virtual file path on the Linux OS, you’ll get enormous MOD music tracks which can be played on the tracker apps.

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