Clockpi A06 what for?

Only one OS working .

It takes some effort to get another distro running. On the DevTerm, I’ve been running Slackware on my R01 and CRUX on my A06, though I’m running a stock CPi OS image on my uConsole (CM4). There are wiki pages for building the OS from scratch, they’re very helpful.

If you are trying to run Kali like you mentioned in the other thread, the easiest way to do this is to start with the official image and keep the kernel/DTB stuff in place and then clear out everything but /lib/modules and extract a Kali aarch64 rootfs over it. There is some userspace stuff you’ll want to keep from the official image or build from the git repo, like the gearbox.

Raspi 5 is ruuning most of linux distribution

It’s a very popular platform so more people are interested in producing images for it that work out of the box. The Clockwork Pi gear is excellent stuff, but it often requires some hacking; this is fine with me, I got it for hacking. They’re not really comparable systems, one of them is an SBC and the other is a full system that contains an SBC and a screen/keyboard and a lot of other hardware. There are a lot of people building add-on boards ( uPico Expansion Card ), building out distros (so many threads), creating music ( uConsole Music Production ).

The Raspberry Pi is useful and started as an educational tool and it’s now really popular as a small computer that people can use, but most of Clockwork Pi’s gear is designed for creative hacking: building strange software, soldering jumper wires for hardware mods (it was really pleasant how many solder pads and circuit diagrams are available), that kind of thing.

wifi lost the communication , I have to reconnect to my access point

There are a few threads about this. Did you check out the antenna mods? I haven’t tried them but people say that they work great.

On battery , it is switch off after 10 minutes even if batteries are full , without any alarm

This sounds like a problem with the batteries. What kind are you using?

USB speed isn’t fast enough , have to reduce sample from sdr radio to minimum

This sounds cool. What are you trying to do with SDR? I’ve been playing with gqrx and rtl_fm but I am fairly new to those. SDR seems pretty popular with these devices.

Well I 'm quite unhappy

This forum has been really helpful to me, but I think you will have an easier time if you focus on one problem at a time instead of making several top-level posts complaining. Try asking one question per topic. I like the device, but I didn’t design the hardware, I didn’t make it, complaining to people here just adds negativity. A lot of people here are really happy to help with problems! A lot of them solve these problems and then post the results.