uConsole: USB booting for re-flashing eMMC possible?

Hey gang,

Does anyone know if it is possible to USB boot the uConsole once it has been flashed with a working OS to refresh the onboard eMMC image? Or are you forced to take the eMMC module out each time to do it?


this is on the schematic for the cm4 adapter board… nRPIBOOT i believe is the jumper for booting from usb… EEPROM_nWP is to write protect it… like for imbedded applications… so… no idea where it is… but it doesn’t go to the sodimm connector… sorry that i don’t know… but if there IS a way… it is located on the adapter board. If this can’t be found… you will have to pull it…

top right corner of the adapter board has a SW1


Or… spend about 19 bucks and get a Waveshare Nano Model B CM4 board and write the image… or play with a different form factor…