uConsole use as a phone python code

Hi together,

I finally got my uConsole that i ordered back in July 2023. I was initially planning to use it as a nerdy phone and ordered the 4G module as well. As i already had written a python code around 5 years back for my Odroid Go Adcanced where i built in a phone module as well i hoped to re-use the code for the uConsole.

Well, the device is much bigger then i thought so it will not be handy as a phone for daily use. But luckily the code seems to work at least. I had to update some stuff for python 3 and i still need to correct some things to have it properly working, but i was already able to make a call and write a sms with it. Answering a call should as well work . A new window opens where you can take or decline the call, but after 2 tries i get an error in the code, so need to fix this. Beside that the code was written by me in my early days with python, so it is really bad written. Will have to refactor it.

Sounds for ringing and incoming sms are also still untested. Reading sms gives me an error and settings also do not yet work. But i thought i show you already the menu and the phone UI.

Btw all the functionality was already working before with the Odroid, so should not be a big thing to fix.

Will correct the stuff the next days and weeks and will publish it so you can give it a try if you want.


That’s pretty sweet. Any chance you’ll share once you are happy with it? I plan to move my phone sim back and forth (once mine comes in). To be able to keep up with phone stuff while working on my console, would be excellent.

Yes i will share it when it is use-able.

Changing SIM is not that easy as you need to always open the back with the 4 screws… Some kind of multisim will be the better option.