Your most unusual use-case for the uConsole

I’m curious what are the most unusual things people use their uConsole for. I don’t particularly consider HAM radio to be unusual, so I’m looking for things that are more weird.

Here are some of mine:

x) Remote display for Siglent oscilloscopes (works but a bit slow)
x) Remote control for digital model train systems
x) Ballistics calculator (using saballistics)

Also, shameless plug, I tried the youtube thing and put some of that in a little video:


Only a few words…to dj with

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Music. I have Sun Vox on mine. Definitely painful to edit anything, so I plug in a USB hub and mouse. I originally wanted to use the uConsole (and uTerm) as a MIDI sequencer, but I wasn’t really happy with the open source tracker software for Linux. And I’m hesitant to buy Renoise, unsure if it will work that well on a small screen, on the bright side it does supports Raspberry Pi (might be nice on an RPi 400 and a larger monitor).

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Nice to see some other folks using it for music. I’m still waiting on mine, but that’s mostly what I’d like to use it for too: a console controller for a live instrument.

Edit: thanks for the enjoyable video, @Toumal! It was cool to see your portable radio rig, and I didn’t know there were already some third party expansion boards.

The RP2040 board is especially interesting to me. One of the upsides of the uConsole for my purposes is that it has multiple USB ports available to use for USB serial communication to some microcontrollers driving a solenoid/relay system. Would be even nicer to have it built right in!


I have purr-data on the devterm. I had to compile from source to get it work on the a06, but ill do it again on the uconsole :smiley:

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