[UK] Selling Gameshell

selling game shell, comes as is. Some games installed and has a light bar.


free shipping UK
£10 for eu
£15 for us

Is it the same gameshell as this one?

Or did you end up getting a second one, and wanted to sell it as well.

You mentioned in the other post that you were pretty sure it was the first version. I am guessing you mean the non revised board, without HDMI. Is this one the newer revised board with HDMI? Postage price seems to be more in the newer one too, but I guess that’s offset by the cheaper price.

I wouldn’t advertise that you possibly are including illegal Roms with the sale, since, well. That’s kinda illegal. Think the souljaboy console, and the trouble they got into.

Anyway, that aside, good luck with the sale!

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Sorry for hijacking a bit

They got into trouble??? \o/
I didn’t follow the story after seeing the initial news about it long ago when I’ve put that in his « shop »

Yeah it is the same gameshell

And I understand about the Roms now I’m sorry

Ah it was probably more a big thing during the whole Nintendo take down crusade, back in the day. Just would hate the gameshell to face a similar fate, having it associates as a device that includes illegal Roms.

@Ian_You All good! I wasn’t sure what games you meant. By all means they could very well be open source games. :slight_smile:

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Hi, are you still selling this? I’m interested