Update: uConsole shipping related

What! Surely that’s a mistake. I hope they get that resolved before follow on batches go out.

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Yeah that’s not great… it is on the product page…

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Yep, there was a goof at the factory.


Yerp, just read through that thread. Oh well, good news it’s being sorted.

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damn, it looks great

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Is anyone else happy that it comes with an Alan wrench? :slight_smile:


Yeah it’s a nice touch.


I have a question if i buy the R01 version can add the cm4 or A6 core to it later is there any hardware differences

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No, you would just be replacing the “Core” module. Which is mechanically a SO-DIMM slot.

You may need to buy the CM4 adapter board however.


Folks, I hope mine came with the adapter. I bought without Raspberry Pi because I have a spare unit that I can use.

ermergerd, i’m in the 206xx order range i’ll be lucky to have mine by christmas.


How can I check mine? I just have the receipt number (#1451-xxxx).

You should have gotten a “thanks for shopping with us” email with an order number. I didn’t order until December so I’ll likely be late second or 3rd batch. The way stuff has been progressing it may be a while before they make it out. There is no way to know for sure when you order will ship apparently you just get another email at some point with a tracking number. 7 months into a 90 day shipping wait but I have seen some actual end user product posts on here so I’m still holding out hope.

Found it! Mine is 217xx.

Eventually, I found out e-mail… My number is 194xx. I have to wait 2nd batch shipping ???
Again, thanks.


My order number is 216xx, so do I need to wait until this time next year? Who knows the family…


Arrived, built, tested. It’s lovely. Need to get some batteries, so just powering over USB for now but first impressions are very good. Keyboard usable, handfeel is good. screen nice and bright and clear. Speakers are not great, but they are tiny and work, headphones were fine.

Thank you Clockwork Pi!


21xxx so I will just monitor the thread until we get closer, but I am happy to see so many get notices

Hopefully that is enough time to find a better speced cm4 module

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Arrived, built, but won’t turn on at all. Zero problems on the build, but seems to be a brick. I added a post asking for help on debugging (this still waiting for mod release), but worried I ended up with a dud, in which case hoping for the warranty.