Raspberry Pi CM4 Adapter - available separately?

Is it possible to purchase the adaptor to install the Raspberry Pi CM4 module?


This is crazy to me that this is even a thread. I asked right after I ordered, I wanted to be sure. I got a clear answer, “the adapter will be included.” I’m quite surprised by this oversight.

If this is really the expectation, that I have to wait weeks or pay another 30 bucks, that’s definitely the last thing I buy from Clockwork.

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Well I bought the no-CPU included version, so there was no reason for me to expect the adapter.
I am not going to burst a blood vessel over it. There’s an adapter on the store pages, but I’d like to confirm that is the right one.


I asked immediately after I ordered the no core version months ago, I was assured it would include the adapter.

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Well this to crazy what good is the cm4 version if we cant even use it the last time i buy anything again from here. First the painfull months of waiting. Now this you do not run a business like this. So where is it? See below.

What’s in the Box:

  • ClockworkPi v3.14 mainboard revision 5
  • (Optional) Raspberry Pi CM4 104000 lite (ARM Cortex-A72 quad-core, 4GB LPDDR4, WIFI 2.4 GHz, 5.0 GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac wireless + Bluetooth 5.0, BLE)
  • Adapter for RaspberryPi CM4 computing module to the mainboard.
  • WIFI gain antenna for CM4 computing module.
  • Ext. module
  • Standard HD 720p 5.0-inch IPS screen
  • Clockwork ultra-portable QWERTY Backlit keyboard
  • Battery module*
  • Dual speaker
  • Shells and bracket system & 2.5mm Hex key
  • 32GB high-speed TF-card with clockworkOS

Man, this is really disappointing. I ordered the same thing because I had a bunch of cm4 lites stashed in the garage and figured the cm4-less version would ship quicker.

I am so sorry. The factory made a mistake on the no-core orders. Please contact alex@clockworkpi.com, I’ll send an adapter ASAP.


Thanks Alex. I appreciate this answer. I don’t mind waiting a bit longer.

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Alex i sent you a email.

My CM4 carrier board is on the way from Hong Kong, due here on Thursday. ClockworkPi are the best.

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Same here. Should come today. Simply writing an mail to Alex. Not that complicated.

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Does the Waveshare CM4 to CM3 adapter work in the uConsole? The price from ClockworkPi isn’t bad, but $20 for shipping makes it a bit pricey. I can get the Waveshare one on Amazon for $22.90 + tax and it is already in the states.

UPS delivery delayed a day, if it comes too late on Friday (since I’m sending it to work) I may not be assembling this thing for a week and a half as I’ll be traveling. Wah.

I was impatient and ordered one since I figured CM4->CM3 adaptors should all be the same. It did not work. I then looked at the exact pinouts for each and there are differences.

I must say that I cannot be 100% certain that the problem is not elsewhere in my uConsole. I will receive my clockworkpi adaptor next week and can then test both to be certain about the waveshare adaptor.

Thanks, I guess I will order the Clockwork one. Just noticed that Amazon had the Waveshare one for cheap and I could get it quicker.

Got my CM4 adaptor via UPS yesterday, took about 10 minutes to install it. Thanks, Alex!