Update: uConsole shipping related

Here is the ral thing not so flush.


Made a separate thread for discussing replacing the current screws:

Hopefully this helps


Very much looking forward to my shipment. I had forgotten, but it looks like I was a fairly early order (CM4, order 196XX). Sounds like I’m likely to be in the next batch though, unless anyone has gotten a shipment notice near to mine in the last few days.

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Latest order I’ve seen around is 192XX.

What order number is the earliest you have encountered?

190XX is the earliest I noticed in the forums and discord that confirmed shipment. Note that depending of the core, some ealier orders may be still waiting for shipment, my intent with the list is just a gross idea about the ETA to receive it.


There is one video doing just that, an unboxing, ensambling and keyboard clicking. It’s on another post I think, also youtube

I’m on the 218xx block CM4 no 4G module. So by the time I get my shipping confirmation email, it may not make much of a difference, by then almost everyone should have their units.

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My video is uploading should be up today.


I’m order #202XX, with a Black uConsole, A-06, and no 4G. This was support’s response on a shipping window to me yesterday:

Sorry for the waiting. Looks like your order will be in the next 2~3 batches. I am sorry for the situation, but we are trying everything to speed up.

There was a note awhile back about A-06 being later than everything, so I expected that. But at this rate, 20K block order with A-04/A-06’s may not be a thing for another month or two.

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damn, same order (besides 4G) and same number range iirc

I didn’t realize this device existed, so when I found out, I ordered one.
That was three days ago. My order number is closer to 22100, and based on the shipping situation, it looks like there are over 3000 people ahead of me

Will this ship to me sometime this year? I’ll just have to forget I bought it for a while.


We’ll see. I purchased mine Nov. 6, 2022. Now that production is happening, and shipping is starting up. I’m sure it’ll turn into a buy>ship>receive product like anything else by year-end.

I’m pretty much in the same boat. Mine’s just shy of 22100, ordered mine last Saturday on the 15th.

I got a similar response about A-06 black / no 4G 204xx about a week or two ago so that is consistent with what I was told…

My order number is 201## and I haven’t heard anything yet. From what I understand, the first batch was somewhere in the hundreds of units. They are churning through devices but it still takes time.

Hi my Number is 201xx cm4 and silver and I got no mail.

Order 198XX, here. Ordered the A-06 + 4G Module. I’ve received no shipping info at this point, and I’m not planning to nag the team about timeframes. As far as I see it, there’s no point. Every minute they have to spend fielding e-mails from impatient customers is one more minute they can’t dedicate to working through the actual logistics.

Patience is a virtue! The ClockworkPi team have more than proven themselves over the >5 years they’ve been doing business. I have no concerns about their good-faith efforts to deliver a product in as timely a manner as they can manage. Of course, like everyone else, I can hardly wait to play with my shiny new toy! But in the meantime I’ll surely find a way to keep busy.


Here here. The more they are answering emails, the less they are working on fulfillment.


For those waiting, Alex has indicated to that my order 197xx would likely ship in late July or early August. If we assume ideal batch sizes of 1000 units per month we can project a ballpark eta