Upgrade path for Clockwork OS v0.2

I did sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade and the update the launcher from the settings menu.
Now I have Launcher v. stable 1.23 and kernel 4.14.2-clockworkpi-cpi3-g016f063

I have several new options in settings menu: bluetooth, notifications …etc but:

  • Bluetooths freezes the system when trying to scan
  • Launcher update: checking for update gives: “Checking update failed” error

I have two questions:

  1. Do I have the latest v0.21 image on my system?
  2. Is there a way to upgrade the system to v0.21 without flashing?

And for the creators of the gameshell, please provide more detailed information about the updates and new features.

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I think the right kernel could be missing and causing the freezes. @guu posted it somewhere here in the forums.

At the very minimum, you need to download the 0.21 image and mount the FAT32 partition to move the boot files to your current SD card.

So if you update, full-upgrade, and update the kernel… you can completely update proper without a reflash and data loss?

0.21? I found only 0.2 so far, do you have a link?

The OP of the GameShell OS Image Files post

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Manual upgrade guide has been posted on GitHub wiki page.

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… may be easier to reflash the device after-all :frowning:

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Is there a v0.2x changelog available anywhere?

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I did just like you advised, thank you.

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Hi all, sorry we found a small bug in v0.2 image:

In /home/cpi/.config/retroarch/retroarch.cfg
line 2

please change video_fullscreen = "false" to video_fullscreen = "true"

A lot of bugs:

  • double icons: music player, tiny cloud, power off
  • Bluetooth scan freezes the system
  • check for updates failed
  • LauncherGo??? What is it?
  • Reload UI: for what?

Looks like you tried to update your older sd-card and not flashing it over with the image. I think its better to flash it from scratch.

That means I should flash the SD card after each update? Oh my God…
We have the option to update via WiFi. For what?

That’s only for the launcher

I dunno. System software updates should be easier to do then reflashing, and having to reinstall every single app.

It’s not super inconvenient, but it sucks lol


So by using this manual method, I won’t have to reflash? Am I right to assume this?

For the record, I went through the manual steps and had a lot of problems, to the point of my GameShell booting into TTY instead of a X Enviroment (I followed the guide to a T).

I recommend just reflashing as its the best and most failsafe method. Just copy off whatever you want to keep with something like WinSCP before flashing.


I have two questions about HDMI connection.
The questioner’s environment is as follows.

  • ClockworkPI (CPI v3.1) development board
  • OS Image v0.2

Q1) No audio output
There is no sound when connecting to HDMI.
Does anyone know the solution?

Q2) RetroArch’s behavior is very slow
RetroArch’s behavior is very slow when connecting to HDMI.
The cursor movement of MainMenu is also slow.
Below is the VIDEO setting I tried.

<1> Very slow operation
Start in Fullscreen Mode ON
Windowed Fullscreen Mode OFF

<2> It is faster than <1>, but it still works slowly
Start in Fullscreen Mode OFF
Windowed Fullscreen Mode ON
Windowed Scale 2.0x

<3> Smooth operation
Start in Fullscreen Mode OFF
Windowed Fullscreen Mode ON
Windowed Scale 1.0x

How can I make it work smoothly with “full screen” or “Windowed Scale 2.0x”?

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