uPico Expansion Card

I’m trilled to present my first uConsole expansion card :rocket:

Source code and PCB design: GitHub - dotcypress/upico: uConsole expansion card
Tindie store: https://www.tindie.com/products/quadbit/upico/

First batch will be available in one-two weeks :tada:


I assume this will be programmable just like a regular Pi Pico I attach via USB?

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Yes, Pico is connected via internal USB and you can enter UF2 bootloader using special control application.

To program Pico you just need to type in terminal: upico install firmware.uf2


This is just a wild stab in the dark (I completely understand if this is out of your wheelhouse), but is there any chance you might be willing to produce the USB expansion board for sale on Tindie as well (as mentioned on the forums) for those who can’t solder a kit together themselves?

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This is interesting idea, thank you, I will think about it.

Also, did you see this thread: [extension] 4 usb hub extension board

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Yep, this is specifically what I was referring to. :smiley: While the project shows promise, it sounds like a strictly DIY kind of kit, which would involve soldering and assembling yourself. While some people may have the requisite tools and skills with a soldering iron, I’m sure there are many who do not.

Since you seem to have some experience getting things to production (even if it is a small run), it would be pretty invaluable to the community if you were able to get something the average joe could purchase. Particularly, if your able to make small improvements (For example: spreading the USB ports a bit further out so even larger connectors can fit at the same time, or adding USB Type-A ports in addition to C, etc).

Edit: I did add myself to the email waiting list for your upico expansion board. Specifically because (if I am unable to find an alternative), it at least has 1 additional USB port. Plus I get to support a community project which might encourage developers to come up with more nice things to play with in the future.


Seems like an interesting project, I have also added myself to this list. Im also interested in the USB board that Supercom mentioned.

Sorry for asking something probably obvious, but the uPico will be accessible through USB serial to talk to it in MicroPython REPL (interactive mode) yes?

Yes, this will be possible. REPL mode and Thonny IDE - both supported

In the waiting list for when it is available!

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I’m also super interested in this and would definitely get one. Watching…

First batch has arrived :tada:


This is genuinely great work.

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It is in stock, just got mine :slight_smile:

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First batch(small one) sold out in 10 minutes :exploding_head:


No problem, those Hubs will be available soon on my Tindie store :nerd_face:


That’s fantastic! Will the USB hub boards come with a printed cover plate for them as well? Or do you need to print them yourself?

Edit: Please make a larger run for the USB hubs. I couldn’t even get the first batch of the uPico because it was sold out in a flash. :smiley:

First batch of uHubs will be without covers, I’m working on ordering prints right now and for second batch I gonna provide covers.

Also, 3D model already available on GitHub

Awsome. As soon as you have a placeholder in the store, I’ll sign up to be email notified as soon as it’s in stock. :smiley:

Damn! Maybe next batch? :sweat_smile: