uPico Expansion Card

Yes, this is essentially a Raspberry Pi Pico in another format.

Yes, I will ship to UK later, right now I’m working on overseas shipping legal staff.

uPico control application now tested on R-01 and CM4 modules! :tada:
Some minor features not available on CM4, I’m working on fix.

Also, I found out that CM4 Wiring PI program pinout isn’t matched to uConsole ext pins. But for R-01 everything fine :face_with_monocle:


What’s it like programming for that?
Can I run programs for it in an IDE? Do I get to choose the language I want?

Thanks for making it!

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Any news on A06 support? Thanks for your work!

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A06 already has experimental support, but you need to build it from source code.
I will return to this task shortly.


So, do you need to disassemble whole console to change ext.module or is it possible to change them with just unscrewing two screws that hold exp.module to the body of console?
Is it possible to make a module that will be easy to unplug (and replug) without disassembly of the whole case…there are speakers and such…?

something like and exp.module that will be and stay internal but has it’s own exp.module that can be inserted through console’s opening to allow exchange of modules without unscrewing even…?

I mean that is a pretty good idea for an expansion board

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Wondering when its gonna be in stock ? I’ve Been waiting since Dec

I was in Ukraine and now I’m back. Stock will be updated in one week or two.


just put the uConsole together - you will have to take the back off and unscrew the module…

@Vitaly Put in an order the other day! A-06 install still from source?

Also, that unpopulated camera connector… 22 Pin FFC/FPC 0.5mm pitch?
Will this work, and what’s addressing that port, the uConsole or the Pico?

@vitaly Am I suppose to jumper one of these pads?

Or is that a future feature? Also I’m assuming the install.sh on GitHub is for A-06? (Based on the description)

This is pads for an optional resistors if you want to connect SoC i2c bus to external connector.
Tested only on R-01 module, btw

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Yep, A06 is still in progress, cause I’m waiting for my A06 module to validate all features.

For camera connector you can use this one FH12-22S-0.5SH(55) Hirose Electric Co Ltd | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey
But camera support gonna require some linux kernel magic, this isn’t done yet

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Well, me and my A-06 (and uPico) are eagerly awaiting progress!

P.S. Thank you for adding tiny pads for the extra USB access on the back of the board. I have successfully added a 4 port hub via those!


might be because the GPIO pins on the CM4 adapter don’t actually match up with a CM3 either.