uPico Expansion Card

I did not mean the 4th in top , i meant install service where it says : sudo cp upico.service etc…

So cp (copy) needs to be used in the same directory as the item, this case upico.service, so make sure its in the directory your on by using ls (list), if its not there you can use cd (change directory) to look round for it or just open up your file manager like any other computer and once your in the directory its in, just press f4 to open it in terminal

Thank u so much man , i apreciate ur help
I’ll see how things goes and i’ll come back hopefully without problems,

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You’re missing a space. sudo cp target/release/upico /usr/local/bin.

Where about? I just copied it from the repo

For those who got it working, how can i control the built in led?
Can i change the code through Thonny IDE?

Do i need to flash something to use it?

Yep, you need to download Circuit Python firmware here: Pico Download
and then flash it:
upico install adafruit-circuitpython-raspberry_pi_pico-en_US-9.0.2.uf2

Thank you for replying,
I’m wondering how can i control the built in led?

I’m not sure whats wrong here :frowning:
There were no sign of flashing or whatever

You can use this program:

Could you try upico install -m adafruit...?
Also, tou can try to enter bootloader by upico boot and then just copy firmware to /media/pi/RPI-RP2