Help ive lost my things!

When i went to bed last night i had so many emulators in my retro games folder went to work came home booted her up and now all that shows up is sfc. Everything else works checked my retro ganes folder through ssh and everything is still there just wont show up in the launcher. Coruption or can i fix it so much time wasted… Lol

And now its back lol either im crazy or stupid.

Did you change any settings or update the launcher?
Have you added any shortcuts to the main menu?

Somehow there was 2 retro games folders one in apps and one in the launcher deleted the one in apps and all went back to normal still not sure how it got there in the first place maybe 1 to many beers. Thanks for the reply!

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Check the permissions and owner, that was a common issue for me until I discovered it.

While using some SCP software like WinSCP, transfering files or moving them changed their owner and / or their permissions.

Check if the owner is cpi, in my case when the owner was something else, for example root it didnt show on launcher.

Glad that you could solve it, if it happens again have that in mind.

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