USB randomly dying

So I have a weird problem - sometimes USB and keyboard both completely stop working when powering on. Reboots don’t help. The only resolution for that is a full power cycle that includes removing both batteries and letting it sit for 10-15 seconds.

Only after that it starts working again.

What’s the problem? Where I should dig for?

I’ll be the first to say it - try a different power supply AND cable. Try several of them…

(Also, make sure you did an apt upgrade, and didn’t alter anything with armbian-config.)

that has been already accounted for.

Read through your dmesg output. If you can’t operate the keyboard by the time dmesg is needed, find a way to remote into it (ssh etc.)

Stock Armbian is configured to not keep the logs overnight, so once you reboot all the error messages are gone…

Yatli makes an excellent point. If you tried the basics, it’s time for diagnostics. Setup ssh on the devterm and next time it locks up, ssh into it and check dmesg and the logs for clues.