Use R01 board as if a CM3 in Turing Pi?

So this is sort of off-topic but maybe there’s somebody who’s already tried it?

I’m thinking:

  1. The DevTerm mainboard works with a CM3 directly
  2. The R01 module plugs into that mainboard like a CM3
  3. There are other boards that work with CM3 cards too, like my Turing Pi v1
  4. So… if the R01 is made to act like a CM3 in the DevTerm, won’t it act like a CM3 in my Turing Pi also?

Has anyone tried anything like this? Is the R01 a 100% pin-compatible replacement for CM3, or are some pins used in a way special to just the DevTerm mainboard and might be bad combo in something else (like Turing Pi with suitable SD image).


I have put the R01 on a Waveshare Compute Module PoE Board and it does not work despite it being shown compatible here.

So something appears to be not compatible or my r01/wave share is broken.

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