VAT ID for shipping to germany?

Got an email:

We are about to send your GameShell this week, however, our shipping company requires your tax id (VAT or EORI) to send FedEx/DHL to Germany.

Why they need a VAT? I am not a trader and have no VAT-ID :frowning:

Same here,

I sent in my personal tax id - thats the only one I could provide. It doesn‘t matter if you run a business or if this is a private import. Mehrwertsteuer has to be paid anyway.

I think that goes fine. Anyone has another advice?

It should be in the top left of your Einkommensteuerbescheid. Usually has about 11 numbers. Look for the field „Identifikationsnummer“.

Does that help?

I am really confused. I’ve ordered so many things from China and Hong Kong over time, but I was never asked for a tax ID.

And it’s not like it’s just any data, this is really sensitive information. I am not confortable with giving out this data.

Afaik this only occurs when an order is above a specific payment threshold. Or the other side pays the tax, like we are used to in Germany. 19% Mwst. Are already included in all prices in our stores. Better prepare to pay an additional 19% taxes.

It’s not about the additional 19%. Was there any info upfront, that we need to provide our tax ID? Did I miss something?

Yeah missed that completely too…

There was no notification!

And is anyone guaranteeing that our data is save and not misused?

Well, like alwas you have to rely on these lines:

I dont want to send this ID. I will ask to pay the taxes directly… or i will quit this purchase! :frowning:

Maybe @yong can tell you if there is an option to opt out this procedure.

I would provide my id if it is deleted after my order is processed.

Sorry to the CW team, but this is just a general concern for my data (and very typical for Germans). So please don’t take it personally.

I see that too :frowning:

Our shipping company asked for your tax id (VAT or EORI) to send FedEx/DHL to Germany.

After double confirming with them, they said this tax ID info will speed up package processing at the German Customs, but if you don’t feel comfortable to give out this info, it’s OK, they can still ship the package for you. Chances are the Customs office may contacts you first for the package in some cases.

Sorry for the confusion, it’s optional.
and Thanks for your support!

Thnx for the feedback :+1: