Virtual boy on GS

I just saw a video about the “virtual boy”, it’s so cooool! although I have never touched it. :cry:



Where is the link to the video?

They were such a fragile piece of equipment.
I’d lay my head back on the couch and look at the ceiling, and place the VB on my face lol.

It fell off my couch one day and seized to work since then. Cool idea way back then, tho. Shame you never got to try the real deal.

Fun fact.
If you have access to an Oculus, you can use VBjin to completely emulate the 3D of the virtual boy :wink: so you CAN try it!

Anybody managed to find good core for VB? best I could find gives me 34 frames in Wario Land.

I only found one in RetroArch. A standalone emulator would be sweet. :wink:

The core which comes with preinstalled RA is slow, it gives around 24-28 frames. I found one with 34 frames. A little bit more and we could get needed 50 frames. I don’t think there will be standalone version for 5-10 games)

I’m just sayin’. (please make one)

I was curious too and I tried compiling this:, but same performance in the end…

Update: I tested further and the only “slow” game I have came accross is Wario Land (I know its the best game…), but its playable. I am not sure if it have big advantages but I turned off VSync in RetroArch.

Sorry to bother, but how did you add this emulator? The .sh files and such @Lix

Like this:
git clone
make -j4

I suggest this core
Or just create action.config and it gonna setup automatically:

LAUNCHER=retroarch -L
TITLE=Virtual Boy Roms


Thank you, wario ware runs great, I’m on OS v4, lima driver

Here is the new method of VB emulation with stansalone mednafen emulator:

sudo apt-get install mednafen

Then create .mednafen folder in cpi/home/ directory and put mednafen.cfg into it (L1- decrease save slot, R1 - increase, L2 - save, R2 - load).

Create VB folder with this action.config. For example my action.config:

TITLE=Mednafen VirtualBoy

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